3 Life-Changing Clothing Tips that Work Wonders for Tall Slim Men

Philip Nguyen

What Are Tall Clothes

Do you have a tall friend you’d like to surprise with clothes? Are you tall and always short of options when purchasing your clothes? 

Think about the shortage of tall clothing in most clothing stores. 

Why has this persisted for so long? 

I have some answers on tall clothes, including what they are and why there are not enough clothes for tall people. Besides, I also inform you of dressing tips and must-have clothes for tall skinny men. 

Tall clothes include all dressing attire that can fit taller people. Indeed, if you are in this category of tall slim, you are familiar with the problems I am saying. 

I’ll break down this topic on tall clothes using the following three categories; 

  • The correct height for tall men
  • Three dressing tips for tall skinny men, and 
  • Two must-have clothes that a tall skinny man shouldn't miss

With a special focus on tall slim men's clothing, let's dive into this topic.

What Height Is Considered Tall for A Man 

Once you hit 5 feet and 11 inches higher, you’re a tall man. For example, you should be a little above 5 feet and 9 inches to be a tall man in the U.S. 

So, let’s say that if a man is; 

  • 5 feet 7 inches and below, they are short
  • 5 feet 10 inches and above, they are tall, and
  • 6 feet 3 inches and above, they are very tall

Therefore, you must be within two inches below or above to be either tall or short. 

Most clothes belong to the middle height men. Funny enough, most men wish they were taller, but they fail to consider the problems of being tall.  

We are now clear on who is short, tall, and very tall. As such, we can head to clothing for tall thin guys

After many years of gambling on what to wear and look nice, I have developed a cheat sheet of tips that every tall skinny man would want to try. 

These tips often convert questions such as ‘how tall are you, are you a basketball player into ‘I want you to hook me with your clothing brand or joint.’

See them below. 

3 Dressing Tips for Tall Skinny Guys 

Many fashion style tips cover average-bodied men; this leaves tall men without enough know-how on the right clothes for tall thin guys.

More often than not, when a tall man asks for styling tips, they’re brushed off and told to hit the gym or eat more. 

Yes, these are the right tips, but they cannot serve the problem at hand. 

Therefore, let’s explore these tips for tall men’s apparel

Wear Fitted Clothing

Don’t go for baggy clothes. They only work for chubby men, not skinny men. If you are slim and then go ahead to wear baggy clothes, you look slimmer. Besides, the clothes swallow you. 

Instead, choose clothes that fit you nicely. If you are purchasing a shirt, there are tall skinny shirts that will fit you appropriately.   

In addition, there are extra tall tee shirts that won’t appear unfitting when you wear them. Choose the right size that fits your body frame well. 

Making the right choice prevents you from embarrassment.

Avoid Excessively Tight Jeans & Sweatpants

Well, I understand you should wear fitted clothing. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you put on attire that cuts off your circulation, making you look even skinnier. 

If you wear skinny jeans, your body appears smaller than it is in the actual sense. 

For that reason, choose jeans that give your body a little bit of wiggle room to breathe. Your legs appear bigger as well. 

Also, choose the right tall slim sweatpants, not the baggy ones. In other words, your clothing should be fairly fitting. 

Practice Layering

Layering comes through for me most of the time. 

Any man can use this technique to appear stylish; however, slim and skinny men are the most beneficiaries. It involves wearing clothes in layers and gives your body structure size and frame

Photo by Ian Dooley on Unsplash

For example, you can have a tall slim-fit t-shirt inside, add a men’s tall slim fit shirt, and then have a medium tall sweater on top. 

However, you have to find the best stores for tall men's clothing. Here, you will find all kinds of outfits to equip your wardrobe. 

2 Must-Have Clothes for Tall Skinny Men 

I am sure you all want clothes that make you look fashionable. Tall skinny men have the most problems when it comes to dressing. 

Now, it’s time to embrace your tall slim body and wear great outfits. Best of all, you will step out looking good as you flaunt your amazing outfit. 

Below are some clothes that you should never miss in your wardrobe. 

Regular-Fit Shirts

Tall guys with a long torso don’t look well on slim-fit outfits. Regular-fit shirts are the best shirts for tall men

Therefore, stick to a regular fit that gives your body some room to breathe. Shirts for tall guys should have a slight allowance. 

Additionally, tall skinny guys should have medium tall t shirts. You can wear them with extra tall sweatpants as they comprehend one another. 

Wide-Leg Jeans

Do you know the impact wide-leg jeans and tall size sweatpants have on your body if you’re tall and skinny? 

This kind of clothes adds some width throughout your body to balance up and below the waist. 

In other words, go for extra tall mens clothing. It increases your body width and is a good fashion for tall guys

Therefore, look for where to buy tall shirts and extra tall mens pants. If the ones you find extra-large, customize them to your dimensions. 

The Wrap Up 

Tall skinny men don’t have many options of clothing apparel to choose from. Nevertheless, look for tall men clothing brands that can dress you nicely. Don’t give the excuse that clothes for tall and slim guys aren’t available. Instead, find where to buy tall tees online or via other platforms.Do not let the lack of tall clothes affect your appearance. Step up and find the best clothes for tall slim guys. Dress Like a Boss!


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