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How to look cool wearing clothes for tall men


Having trouble finding clothes for tall men? It 's very difficult to find tall slim men's shirts. If you don't know where to look, in this article we will learn about fashion for tall guys and how to find clothes that fit your body well.

Like any body type, the goal of dressing in tall men's clothing is to look proportionate and elegant, but you will have to work a little harder than a man of average height to achieve this, simply because ordinary, standard clothing is not designed for you.

Clothing should be the right length and fit for your proportions, including hemlines, shirt cuffs, shoulders, trouser height, jacket length and more. Prints, textures and colors should support your overall look in a way that does not exaggerate or overemphasize height. 

Most importantly, you should choose clothes that are made for taller people, i.e. fashion for tall men. A man over 1.90 cm does not have the same requirements in terms of length, size and drape as a man of average height. So you will have to take this into account when choosing the type of store or the section in which to buy clothes.

Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to find clothes for tall men, since in general the most known stores adapt to the standard measurements. That is why it is advisable to go to stores specialized in fashion for tall guys, especially for men who are between 1.80 and 2.00 meters tall.

The issue is, the point at which you ought to be a size huge, however you purchase an additional huge on the grounds that the sleeves are longer, you wind up seeming as though you're wearing a parachute with a big hole in the neck. Unless you have a trusted tailor, finding pants that fit your waist and legs can be nearly impossible. If you've been hiding behind baggy shirts and pants, we guarantee you'll feel more confident when you're wearing clothes for tall men made for your body type.

3 Style Tips for Tall Guys

No matter what your reasoning is or what your goals in life are for your body, you've come to this article for one reason: you want to look good in the clothes you wear as a tall guy. The clothes you wear can really make a world of difference in how you are perceived by the world around you, having the potential to change your image from "lazy and lackluster" to "distinguished and purposeful."

If you wear the right clothes (and in the right way), you can achieve exactly that.All of this brings us to the first point.

  • Do not buy from conventional stores or shopping malls, these clothes are not for you.

If you're in the mall or clothing stores, the clothes are too small.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Quit going to similar department stores and shopping centers to purchase clothes that won't ever fit you.

  • Jeans should be straight, not skinny.

Skinny jeans have become very fashionable in recent years and continue to be trendy, but the truth is that they are not for everyone, in tall men and very thin or wide is not a good idea to create the opposite effect.

You should wear pants for tall men, many brands are dedicated exclusively to designing pants for tall men.

  • Tall men should avoid monochromatic colors.

Regardless of the season, there are some fashion mistakes when it comes to tall men's style. Tall men should avoid monochromatic colors, which translate into one big block of color. Mix similar colors even if they are from the same family, such as a brighter blue with a navy blue. Another fashion mistake is to wear anything with vertical lines-they make you look taller than you as of now are, we'll address this later.

Tall men should also avoid small prints. The prints end up looking tiny. Try opting for larger patterns with geometric designs.

Tips for wearing men's tall shirts

  •  Shoulders are key in tall slim mens shirts

Shoulders are the key to showing off height. This is the key point to make the most of height. If you are a tall man, read on.

All shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and so on, everything you wear should fall right at the junction between the collarbone and the shoulder bone. No more, no less.

What will this accomplish? By framing your upper body, you will achieve a visually streamlined body, otherwise, it will make you look wider than you are as well as give the feeling that you got your size wrong once again. If you don't mark your shoulders well, your silhouette will get lost in your clothes, showing you looking unkempt and unaligned.

The foundation of great style for tall men is finding clothes that fit your body type. Most of the men's clothing you'll find is made with general measurements to fit most guys who average 5'10". Anyone who is 5'10" and taller will struggle to find shirt sleeves and pants that are long enough without being forced to buy a size larger than they need to fit their height. 

Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to find tall slim mens shirts, as they generally fit standard sizes. Therefore, tall slim mens shirts MediumTall are designed for men who are between 1.80 and 2.00 meters tall.

  • Skip the vertical stripes

The clothes for tall men ought to never be seen with vertical stripes. Leave these prints for the short folks. The stripes will lengthen your figure and give the appearance that you are considerably taller than you are and this isn't acceptable. Wearing horizontal striped patterns or plaid shirts, it is highly recommended.

In the tall slim mens shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts, we recommend plaid or horizontal stripes, the vertical ones lengthen the figure. If you do not wear prints, you can opt for garments with a plain design or a very subtle stripe that is lost in the design of the garment.

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