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The recipe for a perfect fit:
  • Especially adapted to tall men
  • Recommended by Norwegian Newspaper D2 as 'the perfect t-shirt'
  • Super soft cotton that wrinkles little
  • Pre-washed for minimal shrinkage
  • 95% Pima - The world's best cotton
  • 5% Elastane for good mobility
  • Lasts 50% longer than regular t-shirts
  • Choose a size based on your body shape: Medium is our standard width. Slim fits best if you have an extra slim body shape
  • Unsure about size? Click here for the full sizeguide
  • There is a high probability that you will be satisfied with the clothes: only 1 in 10 customers refund.
  • Use, wash and try on the clothes as much as you want for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked.
  • It is easy and free to return on all purchases, with fast delivery from 1-3 days.

A T-shirt from the top shelf

For the days you want to feel extra good.

Pima - the world's best cotton

When creating our premium t-shirt, we chose the exclusive Pima cotton for its unique properties.

It has long cotton fibers (we like anything long). The length makes the fabric durable and is claimed to have a 50% longer lifespan compared to regular cotton.

The cotton is silky soft and sensitive to the body's temperature. It cools you down when it's hot and warms you up when it's cool.

Above Average Fit

The Pima T-shirt has been developed by and in collaboration with tall men who have struggled with poor fit. All widths and lengths have been iterated countless times, to ensure just the perfect length.

This is how we have worked out the unique MediumTall fit over 8 years, which is loved by over 30,000 men throughout Europe.

Quality in every garment

The T-shirts are made by the Kalito Group. A Norwegian-owned factory in China. Their vision is to create a more transparent and fair textile industry.

The factory uses the highest standards in modern textile production and has a number of certifications. Including: GOTS, FSC, OEKO-TEX, ISO 9001, GRS and Woolmark.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jasa Jarec
Size purchased: 195-200 cm - Extra Slim
Height in cm: 194
Bodytype: SLIM
Product Fit:
Excellent T-shirts

The T-shirts I ordered are a perfect fit and look very good (exactly as presented on the MediumTall web site).

Ellie Pym
Size purchased: 200-205 cm - Medium (Standard)
Height in cm: 200cm
Bodytype: AVERAGE
Product Fit:
It fits

A t-shirt long enough, amazing

Kresten Arup
Size purchased: 200-205 cm - Extra Slim
Height in cm: 207
Bodytype: SLIM
Product Fit:

Pima T-shirt

Size purchased: 195-200 cm - Medium (Standard)
Height in cm: 198
Product Fit:
long enough, but I'm too fat

I have BMI of about 30 and the shirts are very comfortable to wear underneath my other clothes, but they are too form-skin tight for me, so I don't like to wear them on their own.

Alex Marshall
Size purchased: 200-205 cm - Medium (Standard)
Height in cm: 200
Bodytype: AVERAGE
Product Fit:
Nice stretchy all-cotton T shirt

Nice stretchy all-cotton T shirt