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You'll receive points for your latest purchase 30 days after the purchase has been made. The points will be based on the actual amount you have been shopping for, and any returned items will not be added to the total amount.

If 30 days have passed and you still have'nt seen any points - please contact us at

For all activities beside making an order or referring a friend, your points should be available to you instantly.
Points earned from orders or referring a friend, will be transferred to you after 30 days.

Yes. Your points expires 1 year after you first received them.

For example - If you earn 1000 points on February 22nd, you'll have until that date the following year to redeem them. You will not loose your entire balance, of course, unless all your points are earned on the exact same date.

If you have opted in to marketing emails, you'll be notified well in advance when your points are about to expire.

Your status in the VIP-tier follows the same rules as points in general. It lasts for one year from the date you enter the tier.


Accidents happen. Send us an email at, and we'll look into it. If you haven't spent the reward you redeemed, we'll propably be able to help you out.

Absolutely not - but we highly recommend it. Not only to receive the latest and greatest in addition to great offers, but because you'll be notified of your account activity, when points are about to expire etc.

No. You are welcome to shop as a guest. However, if you want to gain points and get more benefits when shopping with us, you will have to sign up for an account.

If you have used your points to claim a new reward, you'll receive an email with a unique coupon code for that specific reward. If the code is for a product, you will have to add that product to your cart and then use the coupon code at checkout. It will then give you a 100% discount for that specific product. For gift cards or discount-rewards, use the discount code in the same way. The discount will be applied at checkout.

Haven't received an email? It could be because you have unsubscribed to our emails. If so, sign in to your account and check out the dialogue box in the bottom right corner of your screen. The rewards will also be available from here.

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