Perfekt Oxford skjorta

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  • Gjord för långa människor
  • Slim fit, extra längd
  • Extra armlängd
  • 100% bomull
  • Tillverkad i Europa
  • Perfekt passform garanti
  • Det är stor sannolikhet för att du blir nöjd med kläderna: endast 1 av 10 kunder återbetalar.
  • Bruk, vask och prøv klærne så mycket du vill i 30 dagar. Är du inte helt nöjd får du pengarna tillbaka. Inga frågor ställda.
  • Det är enkelt och gratis tillbaka på alla köp, med snabb leverans från 1-3 dagar.

When length matters

Shirts with extra length in the right places.

The Perfect Shirt for Tall Men

Long enough sleeves, wide enough, right neck width and wide enough shoulders - there are many things that must be right for the shirt to fit properly.

Over eight years we have tested, adjusted and perfected our shirt. All measurements are specially adapted to tall men and the result is the "Perfect Shirt" - you don't get any closer to tailoring.

One shirt - countless styles

The classic Button-Down shirt is a versatile garment that fits just as well in formal office settings as at the cottage.

Airy linen, warming flannel and solid Oxford. We have a wide variety in colours, patterns and fabric, while the fit is constant.

Portuguese craftsmanship

Both fabric and production of our shirts are made in Portugal. Portugal is a recognized country for clothing production, and MediumTall has a long history here.

The fabric is produced at Somelos, one of the country's largest fabric factories, and sewn at Caetano, a smaller factory near Porto.

We have a good relationship with these factories after regular meetings and visits, both in Portugal and in Norway.