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Socks for tall men

Welcome to and our socks for men with big paws! Whether you need everyday socks or wool socks, we have a selection of socks to suit your needs. Our socks can offer you the best of both worlds, namely comfort and style. Our socks are made from high-quality materials that ensure a perfect fit, regardless of the size of the foot. Our wool socks are specially designed to keep your feet warm and dry on cold winter days, and the everyday socks are perfect to wear all year round.

Our socks

What makes our socks so special? We personalize our socks to meet our customers' special needs. We have learned that men with large feet often have trouble finding socks that fit perfectly. That's why we've designed our socks to be long enough, roomy and comfortable. No more tight socks that pinch and irritate. Our socks have a perfect fit and feel as if they were tailored for you.

Our commitment to quality extends far beyond just comfort and fit. We use the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our socks are durable and hold up well wash after wash. We believe in offering exceptional quality at a price that is affordable for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss your chance to get socks designed especially for men with big feet. Take a look at our selection for socks that will fit you perfectly!

You can choose between these socks

We have two different types of socks in our online store. You can buy both in two packs and in different sizes. These are the socks you can buy from us:

Our 2pk wool socks

Our fantastic two-pack of wool socks are the perfect accessory for men with long feet! Whether you need socks for a long day at work or for a walk outside, our wool socks will keep your feet warm and good all day.

With a blend of 50% wool, 40% nylon and 10% spandex, these socks are an excellent combination of warmth and comfort. The wool keeps your feet warm, even on the coldest days, but the nylon and spandex provide a perfect fit that won't tighten or irritate.

These socks come in an elegant black colour, which fits perfectly with any wardrobe. You can choose between two sizes, 43-46 and 47-50, to ensure that the socks fit your feet perfectly. But what makes's wool socks so special? We've designed them specifically for men with long feet, so they fit larger feet and legs perfectly. We understand that it can be difficult to find socks that fit properly when you have larger feet, so we've taken your needs into account and created socks that are roomy and comfortable to wear.

It doesn't stop there. We have also made the socks to last, no matter what you do. Our socks are made from good materials and manufactured to high standards to ensure you have wool socks for years to come.

So whether you're going on a long trip in the mountains or just need socks for a long day at work, our two-pack of wool socks will be the perfect accessory for you. Don't miss the opportunity to get comfortable and durable wool socks!

2 pack everyday socks

Our white everyday socks are another good option for comfortable socks with good quality. With a blend of 90% cotton, 15% spandex and 5% nylon, these socks will give you ultimate comfort all day long. The cotton material ensures that your feet breathe and stay dry, while the spandex and nylon provide a flexible fit that keeps the socks in place all day. These socks are light and soft on the skin, making them perfect for everyday use. You can also get these socks in sizes 43-46 and 47-50.

Our two-pack of good white everyday socks comes in a simple and stylish white colour, which suits different outfits and styles. You'll love how versatile these socks are, and how well they go with all shoes and pants. But what really sets these socks apart from other everyday socks is the quality and durability. We have used good materials and manufactured these socks to high standards to ensure that they hold up and last a long time, even after many washes.

Whether you are looking for socks for work, leisure or training, these socks will give you the comfort and style you need. Order the socks today for a good and comfortable experience.

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Do you need a gift for a tall and thin man? Then is the perfect place to find the right gift. Surprise someone you care about with a gift card from us and give them the chance to choose from a wide selection of clothes with extra length and a slim fit. Our gift cards are digital and will be sent directly to the recipient by e-mail, so that it is easy and practical to give as a gift.

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The advantages of shopping for socks and garments at

As a customer with us at, we want you to have a good customer experience and be safe. Thus, we have deliberately made arrangements for guarantees, flexible return arrangements and other benefits. Here we have listed some of the biggest advantages of shopping with us:

We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to try, wash and wear the clothes you have bought from us. If you are not satisfied, you can still return them and get your money back. With purchases, you get free shipping and a 30-day right of return.

When you buy clothes from us you can expect good quality and durable garments. Our wish is that the clothes you buy from us can be used for several years after purchase, and still have the same shape and quality. With our classic and timeless pieces, you never have to worry about whether you're on trend or not. We have clothes you can wear at any time and for any occasion.

To ensure that you get an optimal fit, we have sizes adapted to different heights. Instead of using M, L and XL, we have sizes such as 180-185 cm, 185-190 cm etc... This gives a more accurate guide on which size fits your body and height.

When you shop with us, you can also feel that you are making a difference. We donate all waste, excess material and faulty goods to the organization UFF. They help others who have difficulty getting food, medicine and education.

We also have something called Above Average Academy. If you are above average in something, you can send us an inquiry, and we can also help you realize a project for the next 3 years in time.

How to return or exchange goods

With us, you have the option of returning your product within 30 days from the day you received it, as long as it is unused, unwashed and has original tags. The return is free. If you return sale goods after the 14-day cancellation period, you will be able to exchange them for a gift card. To initiate a return, you can click on the link, enter your order number and email, and you will receive further instructions by email.

If your product is too big, we recommend washing it first, as it is designed to fit perfectly after the first wash. If the product still does not fit after the first wash, you can exchange it. If it is too wide, we have "slim" or "medium" in width on several of our items.

Once the return has been sent, it usually takes 7-10 working days for it to be fully processed, and you will then be able to choose to get a refund, change size or garment. Depending on your bank, it can take around 5 days from the time the refund is sent to appear on the account.

If your product has an error or defect, you can send an e-mail to and attach a picture of the product, so that we can take it up with the factory. If there is a manufacturing defect, we will replace the product with a new one. In this return, it would be nice if you could attach a description of the error, so that the warehouse can take an additional review. You can also read more about your rights on the Consumer Council's website.

Do you have any questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact us by e-mail. We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours. If we notice a large influx of inquiries, it may take a little longer. If you have questions that you think others may have had before, then we recommend checking out our "Frequently Asked Questions'' where you can see questions and answers to them.