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Shirts for tall men

Welcome to us at Mediumtallclothing.com! Are you over 180 cm and looking for shirts with a good fit? We offer a wide selection of shirts specially designed for tall men. Our shirts are not only made with extra length and a narrow fit that suits long bodies perfectly, but also with specially adapted sleeve lengths.

We use high-quality materials that ensure that the shirts keep their fit wash after wash. We offer a large selection of classic and timeless designs suitable for every occasion. Whether you need a formal shirt for work or a more relaxed shirt for the weekend. We are sure that you will find what you are looking for with us. Explore our selection of shirts today and experience comfort and confidence in clothes that fit your body perfectly!

We have comfortable shirts with a perfect fit

In our online store you will find a good selection of shirts that can be used for different occasions.

You can choose from these shirts

At Mediumtallclothing.com, we offer a wide selection of long shirts which is especially adapted to tall men. We understand how difficult it can be to find a shirt that gives you optimal comfort and fit.

Perfect Oxford Shirt

For those who want a versatile and robust shirt, we recommend our Perfect Oxford Shirt. We've spent seven years perfecting our twist on this world-famous shirt, which is made from 30% organic cotton for super durability, softness and finish. The shirt is designed to be tougher and more durable than traditional dress shirts. You can expect high quality that keeps the fit wash after wash.

For this product, you can choose between different widths according to your needs. You can choose between slim, medium and wide. In addition, the shirts have a sleeve length of sufficient length, and two buttons so that you can adjust the width yourself. You can also choose between classic and timeless colors for the shirts. The options are white, navy and light blue. It is also possible to buy a two-pack. Then you can combine white and navy, white and light blue or navy and light blue.

Perfect shirt

Our Perfect Shirt is another popular shirt designed to be versatile and comfortable. As with our Perfect Oxford Shirt, we've spent seven years perfecting this shirt to give you the optimal fit. The shirt is also made from 30% cotton and the highest quality, to ensure that it retains its shape and color wash after wash.

With the Perfect Shirt, you can be sure that the length, width and cut are optimized for you and your height. These shirts have a sleeve length that is long enough, with two buttons so you can adjust the width yourself.

With this extra long shirt, you have a sea of ​​colors and patterns to choose from. Navigate to the page for shirts to see pictures. You can choose between:

  • Blue checked
  • The green route
  • Striped blue
  • Pinstripe blue
  • Light green
  • Blue
  • White with red checks
  • Beige
  • Guided
  • Red square

You can also buy this shirt in a top pack. Then you can combine colors such as:

  •  Blue checkered and pinstripe blue
  • Green checkered and light green
  • Striped blue and light green
  • Beige and white with red checks
  • Short sleeve blue

Balance Overshirt

For the mid-season, we recommend our new item, the Balance Overshirt. This shirt is the perfect garment that fits well over a jumper, shirt or t-shirt. It is made of solid premium canvas and has a stylish finish with custom buttons. You can choose to buy the Balance Overshirt in two colours. There will be navy and beige available in our online store. Here you can also buy a two-pack that includes both colours.

How to find the right size for you

Finding the right size when buying clothes online can be a challenge. You may have experienced that the same size can have a different fit from different clothing brands? You don't have to worry about that at Mediumtallclothing.com. We have made it easy for you to use your height as a reference point.

How to find the length

We know that your height is an important factor when choosing clothes that fit you. That's why we offer shirts and other garments with extra length and a narrow fit, especially designed for tall men. Our size range is laid out like this:

  • 180 to 185 cm
  • 185 to 190 cm
  • 190 to 195 cm
  • 195 to 200 cm
  • 200 to 205 cm

When you shop with us, you can feel confident that you will find clothes that fit you perfectly. If you are 193 cm tall, it is easy to conclude that the size 190 to 195 cm is right for you.

The width of the shirts is also an important factor

It is important to remember that your height is not the only thing that determines the size of the clothes you choose. Body shape, preferences for fit and style can also influence your choice. As mentioned, you can often choose between slim, medium and wide in the width of our clothes. If you are not sure what you should choose, you can follow our size guide which you can find on our product pages. If you have any questions regarding the range of clothing with us, you can contact us via e-mail.

Why should you buy your shirts at Mediumtallclothing.com? Look here

At Mediumtallclothing.com, we live and breathe to offer clothes that fit perfectly for male bodies over 180 cm. That's why we've developed a unique size guide that uses height as a measure to find the right size. This removes the need to use the traditional sizes S, M, L, XL etc… This gives you a more precise and reliable way to find clothes that fit well.

We are very concerned about quality, and our shirts are no exception. They are designed to hold their shape and be durable. We are proud to say that our shirts withstand wash after wash. You can be sure that your shirts will look and feel good long after you buy them.

To make your purchase even safer, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the opportunity to use and test the shirts for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can return the purchase and get your money back. In addition, we offer free shipping for orders  and a 30-day free return policy. This gives you the opportunity to try on the shirts at home. If they don't fit or don't suit you, you can easily return them completely free of charge.

Our shirts are versatile and can be used for several occasions. Whether you want to wear it at work, school, for a birthday or under a suit. We have various shirts with carefully selected colors, patterns, fabric and design. Emphasis is placed on classic and timeless shirts that will never go out of style. This way you can have the shirts hanging in the cupboard until you need them, without thinking about what is in or not. Our shirts are made to be durable and comfortable, so you can feel confident and stylish in all situations.

We at Mediumtallclothing.com want to use our position to make a difference in society. That is why in recent years we have donated clothes to the organization UFF, which works to provide people with food, medicine and education. We contribute by giving away all excess, wastage and faulty goods. We hope that shopping with us will taste better when you know it will help support a good cause.

Give a gift card to a long-time friend who likes shirts

Give a unique gift to a tall friend or family member with one digital gift card from us at Mediumtallclothing.com! With us, the gift recipient can find shirts that are specially designed to fit their tall body shape perfectly. Our shirts have extra length and a slim fit, so they can feel both comfortable and stylish in the clothes they wear.

With our digital gift cards, you can easily give a gift that will be appreciated for a long time to come. Gift cards are delivered directly to the recipient's email address, and you can choose between gift cards from EUR 50 to EUR 500. This gives the recipient the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of shirts or other items of clothing that fit their unique body size.

Give someone you love the chance to find shirts or other garments that fit their body and style perfectly. With Mediumtallclothing.com you can give a personal and practical gift that will be appreciated. Order a gift card today and make someone you love happy!

Do you have any questions or feedback? We want to hear from you

If you have inquiries or feedback for us, we would greatly appreciate your contacting us. You can reach us at our email address which is post@mediumtall.no. Our customer service works hard to answer all our inquiries in the best way. You can count on getting a response within 24 hours, as long as there is not a lot of traffic. We are ready to help you!