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In 2014, the search for the Perfect Fit began.

"Do you have a t-shirt specially adapted for tall men?


This is how MediumTall started in 2014. We were so tired of t-shirts that either fit well in the width, but were too short. Or had a good length, but were big as tents, which is why we started MediumTall, and our continuous search for the perfect fit.

A side project in Martin's shed.

With NOK 60,000 in the suitcase, we went on a weekend trip to Portugal and developed our first t-shirt. Three months later we shipped t-shirts from the stall to Martin before and after our usual day jobs.

Organic growth for 5 years.

After spending all of our savings on t-shirts, we continued to spend any surplus on new items every time we sold out. This is how the original 150 t-shirts have financed our entire collection for tall men.

Co-owned by 77 Tall Customers.

After 5 years of steady growth as a side project, we decided to go full-time in November 2020. We wanted to let our loyal long-term customers take part in the journey and are now proud to say that we are co-owned by 77 long-term customers.

Our Design Philosophy.


Vi er ikke ditt gjennomsnittlige klesmerke. Vi er over gjennomsnittet på alle mulige måter. Her kan du lese hvordan og hvorfor vi er bedre enn gjennomsnittet.

Production, Quality and Environment.


Our vision is a fair and sustainable production, in all parts of the value chain.

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