We rarely found clothes that fit. So we started making our own.

It started with a T-shirt

We were tired of trying on clothes that were either too short, too long or hung like a two-man tent on our bodies.

Then the idea came: What if we make a t-shirt with a narrow fit and extra length? The result was Elementær, Norway's first t-shirt for tall men, sold by height, not M, L or XL.

Perfect fit is measured in centimeters

Our clothes are divided according to height, are narrow in fit and have extra length in all the right places. Clothes that fit well and look good are better suited to your height. It's the closest you'll get to real tailoring, without going to the tailor.

Ten years of blood, sweat and threads

A decade of trial, error, development and collaboration with customers around the world has taught us an incredible amount about making clothes for tall men. Valuable experiences we take with us in our work with new collections, better fit and higher quality.


Frustration over poor fit was the spark that created MediumTall, but the joy and relief from tall men around the world is what has kept us going for over 10 years. We listen, we respond and we read everything you write to us. Your feedback is absolutely invaluable and helps make our clothes even better. Thanks.

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  • Design Philosophy

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