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Pants and trousers for tall men

Welcome to Mediumtallclothing.com! We have a wide selection of trousers specially designed for tall men over 180 cm. Our men's trousers are made from premium cotton which is both soft and durable. They are perfect for daily use and will stay in good condition for a long time.

We have a large selection of trousers for all occasions including chinos and sweatpants. Whether you're going to work, even on a date or relaxing at home in comfortable trousers, we have something to suit you. We have over 1,000 sold trousers and 4.7 out of 5 in the rating for our products. You can trust that you will find trousers with an excellent fit and good quality.

Our pants

Our long chinos and sweatpants are made especially for men over 180 cm who often struggle to find trousers that fit well. We know how frustrating it can be to try and find pants that fit properly when you're taller than average. We have therefore selected trousers that are specially designed to provide the perfect fit for tall men. You don't have to worry that the trousers will become too short or that they will look too baggy.

We've also made sure to offer trousers with extra long legs in a range of timeless colors that will suit any style and occasion. You can choose between everything from black to beige, or a bolder green colour. This gives you the opportunity to adapt your outfits according to your wishes and needs.

We want to give you flexibility when it comes to customizing chinos to your preferences. You can therefore choose both the width and length of the trousers. This gives you the opportunity to find the perfect fit for your body type and style.

We are proud to offer trousers that are tailored for tall men and that give you the comfort and quality you deserve. Order our long chinos and sweatpants today and experience the difference!

These are the most popular trousers in the online store

Here you can see some of the most popular trousers we have in our online store. If you want to see the entire selection, read below:


Our sweatpants are great and are specially designed for tall men. With a premium finish and made from soft cotton, these trousers will feel absolutely fantastic to wear. Not only will you want to put it on when you get home, but you won't want to take it off. With side pockets and a back pocket, you have plenty of space to store your things. With elastic in the waist and legs, the trousers are comfortable to wear. It has a narrow fit but has extra length to fit tall men perfectly.

The fabric is a soft and delicious terry that provides extra comfort and a luxurious feeling when you want to relax. The trousers are made of 30% cotton. These good jogging bottoms are available in four colours. Black, grey, forest and navy.

Our packs with sweatpants, t-shirt and Zip-Hood

  • You also have the option of buying a top pack with jogging bottoms where you can combine the colors navy and black, navy and gray or gray and black.
  • We also have another option that you can save money on. You can buy a top pack where you can combine our sweatpants and the Pima t-shirt. Choose between matching sweatpants and t-shirt in navy, black or white.
  • The same package also applies with our Zip-Hood. Choose from matching colors such as black, gray and navy.

Chinos 4-Way Stretch

Our long chinos are called 4-Way Stretch because of the material that allows them to be stretched both lengthwise and crosswise. This makes it a perfect choice for all activities that require full freedom of movement. Whether you use it at school, at home or for a nicer company.

The chinos also have a stylish and sophisticated matte finish, which will make you look good wherever you go. With four color options such as navy, beige, forest and black, you will have no problem finding the perfect color to suit your personal style. For the chinos, we also have a top pack, which allows you to combine navy and beige, navy and forest, or black and navy.

Made from a blend of 97% 245-gram cotton and 3% spandex, these chinos are not only comfortable, but also made to last wash after wash. The solid production of the trousers ensures that they can cope with everything the day has to offer. While the addition of spandex provides just enough stretch for a comfortable yet tailored fit.

JAB Sweatpants

Jab Sweatpants are a limited edition sweatpants made especially for tall men, and come with a unique embroidery that will make you stand out from the crowd. The jogging bottoms are made of 30% cotton, so that you will get optimal comfort in the trousers. It's soft and breathable, and keeps you warm on those cold days without feeling too heavy. That means you can wear these jogging bottoms all year round, no matter what the temperature.

You will also love the different color options available. Choose between the timeless walking colour, navy blue or the fresh forest green option we have. With a perfect fit, these sweatpants will feel like they were made especially for you. It's easy to move around in and it will stay in place no matter what activities you do. Whether you're going for a jog, relaxing on the sofa or being with friends and acquaintances.

So why wait? Order JAB Sweatpants from Mediumtallclothing.com today, experience the comfort and style you are looking for!

Our size for sweatpants and chinos

Finding the right size for tall pants can often be a challenge, especially for tall men. With us, it's easy to find the size for you, regardless of whether you're looking for sweatpants or chinos. Here are the sizes for the different trousers:


For sweatpants, we offer sizes from 180-185 cm to 200-205 cm, and everything in between. That means you can use your height to choose the sweatpants that fit you best. If you are 188 cm tall, you can easily choose the size 185-190 cm. If you are unsure or have a special wish about how the fit of the sweatpants should be, you can use our size guide which is available on the page for the relevant sweatpants.

Long chinos

For our chinos, it's a little different. In order to find the chinos that suit you, you can choose different sizes for length and width. In width, you can choose between 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 36. The length you can choose between is 34, 36, 38 and 40. If you are unsure about these values, you can check this on the size guide.

So regardless of whether you are looking for sweatpants or chinos, you will find the perfect size for you at Mediumtallclothing.com. Check out the size guide on our products today and find the perfect trousers for you!

Do you want to support a good cause?

There are a number of advantages to shopping for your trousers with us. We have a good collaboration with the organization UFF, which helps people get food, medicine and education. In addition, we have peace of mind for you with a satisfaction guarantee, good customer service and high-quality clothing. Here you can see why you should shop for your long-legged trousers and other clothing items at Mediumtallclothing.com!

  • We think it is important to take social responsibility and therefore we have two good initiatives that we are proud of. UFF is an aid organization that uses clothes, shoes and various textiles to help people with education, food and medicine. The way we help is that we donate all surplus stock, wastage, faulty goods and the like to UFF. This can be a positive thought for you when you shop for clothes with us.
  • We not only like clothes that are above average, but also people who are above average good at something. With the Above Average Academy, people who are above average good at something can apply for support for a three-year project. If you have a proposal, you can submit it to kris@mediumtall.no!
  • We have a 30-day "Completely satisfied" guarantee. This guarantee gives you the opportunity to wear, wash and try on the clothes as much as you want for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the product you have purchased, you can get your money back. This only happens in 1 out of 10 cases, which is a peace of mind for all our customers!
  • We have custom sizes for tall men. With simple sizes based on height, it is easy to find the right size of the clothes you want with us.
  • We focus on good quality in all our products. You can expect durable materials that are designed to provide the same quality, wash after wash. This provides value for money and clothes that you can have in your wardrobe year after year.

We respond to all inquiries

At Mediumtallclothing.com, we always want to be available to our customers and ensure that they have a good experience with us. Therefore, please do not hesitate to ask questions or give us feedback. We want to answer you as quickly as possible and preferably within 24 hours, unless we are very busy.

In addition to asking questions, we also have a separate page with "Frequently asked questions'' that you can use. Maybe some of the questions you have are in there with answers. At Mediumtallclothing.com, we are always here to help you, and we look forward to hearing from you!