Hi! We are MediumTall

Welcome to our brand, made especially for tall people like you and us. We are two child hood friends who recently quit our day jobs to work full time creating perfect fit for gentle giants above 180cm. Have a look around, read our story and feel free to reach out.

Tall greetings,
Martin & Kristoffer
(both 192cm tall)

Our mission is to make perfect fit for the tall,
and have lot's of fun while making it.

It started as a side project, in Martin's basement

Back in 2015 we got so tired of bad fit for our tall bodies that we decided to put all our savings in to making a t-shirt dedicated to tall men. We shipped t-shirts out of Martin's basement before and after our other day jobs.

Organic growth for 5 years

After spending all our savings on t-shirts, we kept re-investing all revenue every time we sold out. This way the original 150 t-shirts have now funded our full collection of clothing fit for the tall.

Co-owned by 77 Tall Customers

After 5 years steady growth as a side project we decided to go full time in november 2020. We wanted to let our Tall faithful customers join the journey and let 77 of our best customers in on the fun as official co-owners.

Above average, in all we do

We are customers of our own brand and therefore we have extra high demands on everything we do. Quality, Fit, Customer service and Delivery - everything must be way above average.