Fair and

That is our 'never stop working towards' vision

Above Average Production

Today we produce in Portugal, Lithuania and China. We have, based on the fabric, technical difficulty and expertise available, carefully chosen to produce in these countries to make as high quality products as possible.

Sustainable, long lasting quality

During our factory visits we check quality and discuss with our factories on how we can improve and make the fit and clothes last longer. This way you can keep a high quality t-shirt for 3 years, in stead of buying a cheap one each six months.

Changing to Organic

As part of our 'Fair and Sustainable' vision we are now changing all Oxford Shirts to made of 100% Organic Cotton. Next up is the entire T-shirt line.

Made by friends

We try to visit our factories and makers as much as possible and over the years we have become good friends. This is a photo from our shirt factory Somelos in Portugal.

Continous improvement

We're always looking to improve all parts of the value chain to be more sustainable and only work with fair factory conditions. So factories will change from collection to collection depending on whoever delivers the best on our vision and terms.

From clothes to food and medicine

We work with Norwegian Charity Foundation UFF and donate all excess clothing to them so that the clothes can be re-sold and give food and medicine to those in need.