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The recipe for a perfect fit:

  • Best-selling shirt specially adapted for tall men
  • Over 30,000 sold worldwide
  • Designed to provide good mobility and comfort
  • Quality materials that last a long time
  • Extra sleeve length
  • Premium Portuguese craftsmanship
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    • There is a high probability that you will be satisfied with the clothes: only 1 in 10 customers refund.
    • Use, wash and try on the clothes as much as you want for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked.
    • It is easy and free to return on all purchases, with fast delivery from 1-3 days.

    When length matters

    Shirts with extra length in the right places.

    The Perfect Shirt for Tall Men

    Long enough sleeves, wide enough, right neck width and wide enough shoulders - there are many things that must be right for the shirt to fit properly.

    Over eight years we have tested, adjusted and perfected our shirt. All measurements are specially adapted to tall men and the result is the "Perfect Shirt" - you don't get any closer to tailoring.

    One shirt - countless styles

    The classic Button-Down shirt is a versatile garment that fits just as well in formal office settings as at the cottage.

    Airy linen, warming flannel and solid Oxford. We have a wide variety in colours, patterns and fabric, while the fit is constant.

    Portuguese craftsmanship

    Both fabric and production of our shirts are made in Portugal. Portugal is a recognized country for clothing production, and MediumTall has a long history here.

    The fabric is produced at Somelos, one of the country's largest fabric factories, and sewn at Caetano, a smaller factory near Porto.

    We have a good relationship with these factories after regular meetings and visits, both in Portugal and in Norway.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 72 reviews
    Shayan Vaffaie
    Size purchased: 190-195 cm - Medium (Standard)
    Height in cm: 193
    Bodytype: AVERAGE
    Product Fit:

    2pk Perfect Oxford

    Angus Codd
    Product Fit:
    Nothing received yet

    Has not yet been delivered

    Emil Thomsen
    Size purchased: 195-200 cm - Medium (Standard)
    Height in cm: 197
    Bodytype: AVERAGE
    Product Fit:

    only t-shirt that fits me

    Florian Fischbach
    Size purchased: 200-205 cm - Medium (Standard)
    Height in cm: 205
    Bodytype: AVERAGE
    Product Fit:
    Perfect fit

    This shirt really fits perfect, sleeves are long enough and the length is good.

    Nathan Weyer
    Size purchased: 205-210 cm - Medium (Standard)
    Height in cm: 205
    Bodytype: AVERAGE
    Product Fit:

    Bring back the overshirt with the low pockets on the front!