Timeless essentials
for tall men

Slim fit, extra length

Why we're best at tall fit

Adjusted lengths

Lengths adapted to tall men. We have carefully adjusted and optimised so that there are no bad fit.

Perfect fit guarantee

We are so sure that you will be satisfied that we guarantee it. Try for 30 days, if you are not satisfied you will get your money back.

Quality that lasts

We only use quality above the average that maintains it's fit wash after wash after wash.

How we're different

The problem

The problem with the average brand is that they only make clothing wider when going a size up. For tall people like us this only makes the t-shirt baggy and leaves our belly showing.

The solution

Instead of making the t-shirt a lot wider when going a size up, we wanted to keep the width and instead only increase length. This make the fit superior for tall people.

Made by two tall friends

Two childhood friends both grew up to become 192cm tall and suffer the same problem: bad fit. In 2015 they decided to fix the problem themselves and make MediumTall.

Perfect fit for the tall

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Pima T-shirt
Regular price €49
  • 100% Pima - the world's best cotton
  • Lasts 50% longer than regular t-shirts
  • Super soft and wrinkle-proof
  • Slim fit, extra length
  • Perfect fit guarantee
  • On a general basis, we recommend choosing your height as the size.
  • If you are narrower than average, we recommend going one size down.
  • If you are wider than average, we recommend going one size up.
  • We increase / decrease by approx. 2cm in total width and length per size.

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Fast delivery and free shipping for all orders above €150

Service above average

We do not give up until you are satisfied and guarantee service well above average

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Changing or returning is no problem and we add good and clear info in every package